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jac5 is a new range of men’s underwear aimed at the premium end of the market, with a fun, irreverent sense of humour. The client wanted to spread the word and get people talking about them, so we created the first-ever jac5 Undies Amnesty.


The concept was simple: hand in your dodgy designer undies and exchange them – in the middle of Pitt St Mall – for a free pair of jac5s. 

The event was promoted via social media channels, and also on breakfast radio and TV by Olympic swim medallist and jac5 ambassador James Magnussen.

The results were a 46k reach via Facebook, 1m audience reach, a 750% website spike, and a 692% increase in people talking about the brand.

jac5 1 Event Logo_edited.png
jac5 Undies Amnesty
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